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one autocratic Russia by another. Russia, like
all the rest of the world, is still facing the problem
of the competent government of a collective
system. She has not solved it,

The dictatorship of the proletariat has failed
^ts. We have to look for possibilities of control in
bther directions. Are they to be found ?

* A friendly adviser reading the passage on p. 47 protests
against " the wombs of associated labour" as a mis-
translation of the original German of the Manifesto. I
took it from the translation of Professor Hirendranath
Mukherjee in an Indian students' journal, Sriharsha, which
happened to be on my desk. But my adviser produces
Lily G. Aitken and Frank C. Budgen in a Glasgow Socialist
Labour Press publication, who give it as " the lap of
social labour ", which is more refained but pure nonsense.
The German word is " schoss 3>3 and in its widest sense it
means the whole productive maternal outfit from bosom
to knees and here quite definitely the womb. The French
translation gives " sein'% which at the first glance seems
to carry gentility to an even higher level. But as you can
say in French that an expectant mother carries her child
in her " sein "5 I think Professor Mukherjee has it.
Thousands of reverent young Communists must have read
that " lap ** without observing its absurdity. Marx is
trying to make out that the increase of productive efficiency
was due to " association " in factories. A better phrase to
express his (wrong-headed) intention would have been
" the co-ordinated operations of workers massed in
factories ".